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Now if you are BETA tester for NOKMOTE and you have a NOKIA N82, u r in a deep deep problem of activating it.

As there is no PEN (abc) key on N82..

Now use this software for activating it..

Step1: Sign and install NOKMOTE

Step 2: Sign and Install this application

Step 3: Run NOKMOTE and keep it in background

Step 4:Just Click on the ICON of this software, NOKMOTE is now activated.



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With N82, for a day now. Ipressions..

N82 unboxing

Someone asked me..

“hey u bought n82 plz tel me abt the cell how is it like abt camera , speakers, gaming, & whether it has touch navigation wheel like in 81 & r u happy with its battery life & which colour did u bought & how many colour r available?
plz help me 2 planning 2 buy it . bye tc waiting 4 ur reply”

Here is my Reply..

First of all CAMERA..

Its simply superb.. The image quality in low light conditions is comparable to a DIGICAM..
The speed with which it starts up, then the speed of taking pics with autofocus, n then saving them is simply mind blowing.. About 4 secs for the whole process..
Red eye comes too often as xenon flash is there..

If u have N95 rite nw, u wil b little disappointed with the quality of in built speakers, as treble is not as much as N95, and the loudness too is a bit less.. But i mostly prefer to use headset, so its not a big issue for me.. Sound output from headphones is siply superb.. Its slightly better than the original N95..

Its same as N95-8GB n N81, but here you can play games in landscape mode too, which can be on either sides, left-oriented or right-oriented, which N95-8GB doesnt supports.. But the Game demos of FIFA n ASPHALT r dere, which can be played for only 10 times each.. So far no game is available in full version so that one can buy the best he likes..

No its NoT there n i dont think dat there is any possibility that NOKIA wil add it wid a software upgrade! Its a hardware, which is not present.

It has 1050 MaH battery n here is da log, what i did from yesterday.

5:37 pm Bought N82
5:40 pm Inserted SIM n Battery, Memoty card was pre inserted in the phone only.(2GB)
5:57 pm Copied all contacts n other important things from my old N95.
6:30 pm Captured around 17 pics with XENON always ON.
7:00 pm Reached home, Captured a 4 mins Video on high resolution while on the way.
9:00 pm Finished coping my songs n videos from PC to ma Phone.
9:10 pm Watched few videos on N82s great n bright screen.
10:00pm Listned 2 music for n hour via headset n browsed da web through WIFI at da same time.
11:30pm Charged da phn for 10 mins as i went for dinner.
12:00am Downloaded Sports Tracker application thru wifi n registered on the site through phone only, and played with GPS for about n hour. Downloaded MGMAPS too..
2:00 am Slept with the alarm on.
10:00am Checked Orkut n various sites via WIFI n still on bed.

Battery is showing 2 signals still there. Its great. If i had N95 n had done the same Battery would havent last after 12:00 am.. m sure..

Warm Titanium. No other Colour is available.

Once you lock the GPS for your new phone(takes around 3 mins), from the next time even if u r sitting in your room, it wil jst take 1min n 30secs to lock. This is maximum time. Gps it quite fast n the MAPS application is also better.


I got it for RS24000. From Nokia Priority Dealer, n m the first one to buy in Chandigarh n Patiala.

These r my initial impressions, will update you with more, later on!!

Feel free to ask your questions..

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Why Naviwheel has been eliminated from da production Model of N82!!

This video clearly shows that the naviwheel is present in the New Nokia N82, But the production models which were shipped to various bloggers arround the world by WOMWORLD, dont have anythng like naviwheel.

Why has Nokia eliminated this feature infact they could have given an option in settings to enable or disable this feature.

Have a look at the videos below, n leave your comments below..

The video above shows the Nokia N82 advertisement published by NOKIA itself..

The handset given to TEO at symbian-freak, also shared the video on his website which showed the naviwheel working perfectly fine for him..

You can have a look at that one also.

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Hello world!

New BlogHii 2 all of u in dis world..

I am starting dis new blog and its main focus is on NOKIA NSERIES. Nokia has announced da New Nokia N82 on 14th Nov, n started shipping on da very first day. It will be hitting stores somewhere near 1st of december. So, wil post my view on dis shortly. C u all soon.

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