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Nokia N86 8MP Review from INDIA

I retired from the mobile world one and half year ago when i joined my job. Now i am working as a software engineer in one of the best companies in india, and dont have much time to post anything on my page.

But this time again, Nokia has produced something which really attracted a busy professional like me.

So lets begin with Nokia N86 review, its not a detailed one but you can grab some important information from it.

Nokia N86 India


You will really like the build on N86 as it has screen which is very much figerprint resistant and the back of the device is really nice as there is nothing which can be easily tampred.

N86 Kickstand

Kickstand is nice  and when  its opened, photos application automatically starts up. You can also set any application to run instead of Photos.


You may Not like the quality of photos, so i wanna clear something here.

N86 pics are clicked by N82

N82 pics are clicked by N86

Both N82 an N86 combined pic are clicked by N73.

I dint had any other device to take pictures.

Media/ZOOM Buttons

Here you can see we have sepperate buttons same as N85 for Media player/Zoom.

When i first saw the keypad of the device, Calculator came to my mind. 😛



Frankly speaking, N86 has got the best screen till now. I dont know about N97, but this AMOLED screen leaves N95/N82 far behind. I Will be comparing it with N85 soon, till that time have a look on this.


Crispy N86 Screen.

Media player

Look at the difference in contrast between the two.




Look at the crisp

Look at the crisp

Closer look

More screensots from various angles taken with N82 and N73


As you can see, N86 is quite thinner than N82.

On Kickstand

You can watch movies using kickstand.

Above: Light on standby.

Below With Backlight ON.



The best Camera in phone ever, but needs some firmware upgrades to settle down to normal in night conditions.



Wider lens.


Power key, Audio/Video slot and USB/Charging slot.

Panorama Mode(Click to enlarge)

Panorama Mode(Click to enlarge)

Sound Quality

This is the area in which NOKIA compromised. The speaker sound is not the way it should have been. You can see the small speakers in the image which hard produce a nice sound.

Infact the headset provided within the box is great and the sound quality is exteremely  nice.


The bass from the headfones is the best i can say in S60 devices.




N86 Closeup mode

N86 Closeup

N86 Closeup



Another Closeup

Another Closeup

Outside on a cloudy day.

Outside on a cloudy day.

Another Outside click

Another Outside click

Photo Comparison










As most of you who are from india, will me more interested in this section.

So ypu can see the MRP in the image below, but its available for Rs.23700 in Indian Market.

N86 Price In India

N86 Price In India


N86 comes with some great applications like Maps 3.0, oxford dictionary and wavesecure with free lifetime license.

Maps has free lifetime license for pedistrian navigation, but only 7 days for Drive license.

It also includes one free game from NGAGE.




Nice phone, with nice features, but lacking in sound quality.

Needs some firmware upgrades for image stablisation and phone stability as sometimes the phone restarts unexpectedely.

So buy the phone and enjoy the  8MP camera.


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